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Workout Leggings Canada

workout leggings canada

Activewear and Workout Leggings Canada

FitGal Activewear is Canadian and proud. As a result, you get to enjoy amazing privileges as a Canadian FitGal. This is your one-stop-shop for all your workout leggings Canada!

This means you get a flat rate of only $9.99 for shipping and shipping is free on all orders over $100.

It doesn’t matter if you order one pair of workout leggings or an entire new wardrobe, shipping is always offered at a flat rate. You don’t have to think before ordering anything from our site.


By ordering your workout leggings from a Canadian company it also means you never have to worry about surprise duties, customs charges or taxes.

Have you ever found something super cute online and received it along with a scary import charge bill? Ouch!

Shop FitGal with confidence knowing that you will never be surprised with extra charges because who needs that? Click here to see all of the amazing working leggings and activewear we ship across Canada.

Check out a review of our activewear on the Muscle Insider Website here.


FitGal Activewear Review

Heard of FitGal ActivewearMuscle Insider is constantly searching for workout clothes that fit an athletic body. This time, we put FitGal Activewear to the test! FitGal Activewear is a women’s fitness clothing line that we found holds up to intense workouts while looking good. Too many brands of activewear look great on, but have fallen apart on us at the seams only after a few workouts. Meanwhile, performance-based workout clothes that last through the test of time are usually so boring in design that we have to drag our feet to go to the gym. Ladies, you know what we’re talking about. Well, the search is over because FitGal Activewear gets our approval in both function and fashion. More…

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